Thursday, July 7, 2011

My NEW BLOG AppleDapple 'N Kitchenmotion!

Yes, you have read it right, I have anew foodie blog! I am so excited to have this Blog site as I LOVE Food! And not just the typical love for food, I LOVE cooking too!

With this passion for food and cooking, I want to share with you guys my share of knowledge! I'm not a Chef nor a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate, and I don't have cooking experience as a job. But I have this passion, attachment and devotion to cooking that I can easily memorize the recipe with just by watching it once without jotting notes on how to do it, or even writing down the ingredients. I can proudly say I CAN MAKE MY OWN RECIPE AND BE A BIG HEAD afterwards. 
This was the first dish I posted of my Facebook account!

I started taking photos of the food I cook for my family about a year ago, most photos are gone now and others I just don't want to publicize as it was too long ago, I can't even remember the exact ingredients. Then I decided to post the photos on my Facebook personal account and my friends and relatives reactions are to a surprise.
1st - they would not believe I even know how to cook, such shame for myself, I love cooking I cannot make it reflect on me :(

2nd - the photos I took made them angry with me,why? They say "Ano ka ba Apple, ginugutom mo kami sa mga post mo e!" (in english -- "Apple,I hate you!"LOL!) and they are even angrier when I don't bring them what I cook so they can taste out. Getting the picture?

3rd - As I post more and more photos, for them to believe that I did it, they asked me for the recipe, then asked me again and again until I post the recipe on the caption box of the photos respectively of course.

4th - Texting and calling me for the recipe.

I told myself OK this is it, I will now make a blog of this craze to give my comment box and inbox a break, :)

And so the rest is history.
Here is the link to my blog and enjoy reading and eating! (or enjoy reading while eating!)
AppleDapple N' Kitchenmotion!

Grilled Tanige with Tomato and Onion Side dish!

Squid and Veggy in Cream of Mushroom!

All time fave Chopsuey!

Hope you find this interesting!
Thanks for reading and happy eating!