Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review : Avon "Big Eye Pencil" in Rose, Blue and Emerald!

I've gotten this hype about Avon products last month and I cannot stop using them.  I must say the company is getting more and more competitive in the market, quality and price, I'd say they are getting there.

This next Avon review I must say is another hit for me. :)

Yes, I know, they look-like NYX Jumbo Pencils!
From left to right : Rose, Blue and Emerald.

I cannot compare the color of the NYX Jumbos on my Avon Big Eye Pencils as I do not have a lot of NYXs, but I can say the consistency is different. I have a NYX Jumbo in white and I can say it is very creamy, the Avon Big Eye on the other hand is like a kohl pencil liner but bigger.  But what's great about this product is that you can use it both an eyeliner (as it is not too creamy in consistency that you can line your water line without smudging too much or clinging on your lashes) and an eye shadow base as well. Note that I meant eye shadow base and not a creaseless primer. Mind you, without a good primer, this will crease!

(Thin application on the left ideal for eyeliner and thicker swipe on the right great for shadow and/or base)
 Swatches from left to right : Rose, Blue and Emerald.

Left to right in accordance on how they are rated on pigmentation.
Rose is the least pigmented, next is Blue and the most pigmented out of the three is Emerald.

and closer look.
I know that there are only three colors of this Big Eye Pencils and I must say all these colors works for my skin-tone well.  One TIP on applying these colors is to top of with a powder shadow not just to enhance the color but also get a lasting effect.  I have also noticed that putting a powder shadow on top lessens the chances of creasing. ;) Neat trick huh?!

Likes :
1.  I like the consistency of the product as it is not too creamy to apply and can be use as an eyeliner.
2.  When applied generously, it is tacky/sticky on the skin so it is great to top with powder shadow.
3.  The finish is more like metallic than shimmery.
4.  Great base for the lids.
5.  Widely available.
6.  Affordable at Php139.00 each

Dislikes :
1.  Creases when applied alone.
2.  Color range only three, I wish they had other colors like purple, yellow and black or grey or maybe a darker and brighter colors. :D
3.  It is usually hard to sharpen this kind of pencils :P

Overall, another hit for me by AVON! If there would be a new release color of this, I would definitely hoard!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 'Til next!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review : Avon "True Color" Eyeshadow Quad in Earth Tones

We all love neutral colors for everyday look, going to school and office or even just a simple make-up look to go.  It is very wearable and easy to manage.

Long have I searched for a good compact palette that I could bring on the go and use everyday for a work-look.  Lots of palette in the market that got neutral eye-shadow colors but not the ones I prefer as my "to-go" palette.  Until my Avon agent friend recommended me this quad that had great color combination and what's so great about it is that this quad have colors that you can use for morning at work and down to evening for a night out.  Isn't that just great!?

Very sleek compact palette.

Back shows color and illustration on where you ideally put the colors. (Very handy instructions.)
To use : Apply 2 and/or 3 on lid. Use shade 1 to highlight and shade 4 to define. (Instructions at the back of the box.)

(From top left to right and down left to right)
1.  Canvas (Beige, matte finish, good for highlight)
2.  Safari Green ( Moss green with gold undertone, satin finish, great for crease color to create smokey effect.)
3.  Citrine ( Yellow gold, shimmery finish, inner corner of the eye and lid color,or if you prefer a highlight color too will do.)
4.  Truffle ( Purpley brown under tone with gold specs, slightly shimmer, great for defining the eye as crease color or as eye liner as well.

Has a sponge applicator that I do not use but saves for when I need it.  You may not know, but sponge tip applicator are great to get a precise application and more packed shadows when applied.

Swatches from left to right : Truffle, Safari Green, Citrine and Canvas.

and a closer look.

The product is quite pigmented specially Truffle and Canvas which are the two colors that I use the most.  Consistency wise is very nice,not too powdery but not too creamy as well.  It just has this great texture that will not create fall-outs when applying to the lids of the eyes, so less chances of screwing your eyeshadow look. :)

Likes :
1.  Quad in color combination suits my taste on "to-go" palette as it has the Earth tone or neutral colors.
2.  Consistency is great!
3.  It is not very shimmery and the has the perfect combination of matte and satin and not-so shimmery finish.
4.  Compact has a very sleek shiny design that is sophisticated looking.
5.  Sponge tip applicator works OK, (but I prefer using brush to blend well).

Dislikes :
1.  Price wise, a bit pricey for its quality and pigmentation. Would had it not been a great combination I would not have bought this quad and if it was not on sale :) Php 100 off! :D

Overall, I love the palette. Would I buy another of this? Yes! :D I love Avon products.

Thanks for reading! 'Til next!

Review : Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Cream

Who liked to be called old-looking? I don't!
Most of us girls now-a-days are very conscious about how we look. With this we take care of our skin more and don't just settle on cleansing it, we tone and we moisturize and others have lots and lots of morning and evening regimens than most of us do.

I begun to take care of my skin just recently ( I know its a shocker ).. I never really took the time to take care of my skin when I was in my teenage nor on my early 20's but not until I saw the first sign of skin aging, dryness and fine lines.. o.O And that was the only time I said to myself, enough of being naive when it comes to my skin. I admit, I was scared to use any beauty skin products thus makeup on my skin as I was afraid that it will just boost the aging of it more. But I proved myself wrong, and as a matter of fact, my skin is more likely to age faster if I do not take care of it and use beauty regimens to maintain the youthfulness of my skin.

With me being terrified to look older and older, I decided to try out, finally, this product that claims to fight the 7 signs of skin aging! 

The product claims :
7 Anti-Ageing Benefits in 1 Moisturiser:
  1. Line Minimization: Reduces appearance of lines.
  2. Nourishing Moisturization: Soothes dry skin.
  3. Tone Enhancement: Evens skin tone.
  4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture.
  5. Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  6. Anti-oxidants: Helps protects skin’s moisture barrier.
  7. Subtle Lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance.
How does it work? It provides the anti-ageing power of moisture fused with vitamins and anti-oxidants PLUS UVA/UVB (SPF15) protection to help prevent sun damage.

I love how they put the pump on the lid as it is hygienic and you can control the amount of product that will come out.

I only need a pea size amount of the cream to cover my entire face and neck.

Although the product has color, when you spread the cream it will turn out transparent. It does not give any coverage.


It leaves your skin moisturize and about 1-2 minutes before it sets in your skin or before your skin absorb it.

I only use this product in the morning as I have noticed that it reacts with my toner for night that has salicylic acid on it.  As for the morning I use gentler toner. Be careful with applying this product, start with a small amount and work your way as you spread it in your face to neck, as this may tend to make you face oily if too much is applied.

Likes :
1.  I have notice that after 7 days of continuously using the cream, people compliments my skin looking radiant and glowing, thus they say I look younger and blooming.
2.  Sets on the skin quickly about 1 to 2 minutes.
3.  It has SPF15 to protect skin from the sun.
4.  Pump on the lid is a plus, controls how much you want and it is hygienic.
5.  Price is all worth it for the product.
6.  Widely available.

Dislikes :
1.  The smell of the cream brothers me, but only last for few minutes.
2.  Leaves your skin a little greasy after applying.
3.  Makes my skin oily throughout the day hence blotting is a must.

Overall I have a good experience with this product as it gives me a youthful glow. But if you're wondering if its really works for wrinkles, I don't know as of the moment, maybe years of use before I can attest to that claim.

I hope this review helped you girls out there looking for a good face cream.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review : Careline Oil Control Blush-on! I love!

What is it with us? Why do we always have this thinking that if it's a less expensive product then it's not worth buying?

Well, to tell you honestly I have discovered this Careline Oil Control Blush-on! and I loved it!

Here are three of the blush on I purchased.
Naturally comes with a small cute puff which I do not use and so I discard. :D  I still prefer using blush brush or stippling brush!

Closer look.

Color : Fresh Tomato
This blush give you a really nice rosy glow on the cheeks which I love! I usually use it if I have a natural eyeshadow look and subtle lipstick on.

Color : Peach Glow
I am not a big fan of this color but it works great to give you a very subtle color on the cheeks. I may say if you are darker than my shade then this may not show up very well on you as it compliments lighter complexion! It is a bit powdery hence it is an oil control blush, I think that is how the product works to control the oil,if that makes sense :D But please do not quote me on that.

Color : Pinkish Blush
This is my favorite to go blush out of the three blush, just because it gives me this natural looking blush on, and I have been looking for this color for so long in high-end and other drug store brand and finally I got my hands on this Careline product and got to see for myself how the color works for me without spending a big amount and I am loving it!

Swatches from left to right : Fresh Tomato, Pinkish Blush and Peach Glow.

According to Careline site blog; Get rid of your oily worries away with Careline Oil Control Blush-on. Aside from giving you natural looking blush that will surely make you stand out in the crowd, love its oil control formula infused with Vitamin E as it takes away oiliness from your face and keeping it moisturized all the time – definitely a tender care for you and your skin.

Likes :
1.  Affordable at Php 82.00.
2.  Widely available.
3.  Works well for its price.
4.  Controls oil up to 6 hours of use.
5.  Build-able or blend-able.
6.  Has a wide range of color to choose.
7.  Small enough to carry for travel.

Dislikes :
1.  Has a small powder puff that does not work :P
2.  Can get very powdery especially to those who have dry skin.
3.  Not very pigmented, I would say 5 out of 10.
4.  Packaging comes with a plastic container pot, (afraid it would break easily.)

Overall I like this product, the cons though I can deal with and definitely would love to try out other shades.
This is definitely a must try for its price!
Hope you enjoy reading! Til next!