Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why I should be the : wickeRmoss search for Miss Clinique.

As sort of Saga to my Clinique experience and blogs, wickeRmoss just posted a Search for Miss Clinique especially for her attendees ( isn't that the sweetest thing ever? ). But don't worry if you're not, this is only a part of her giveaway and as she mention on her blog search, non-attendees can also join, so watch out for the 2nd part! Exciting?! She just love surprising everybody, well at least her friends and new friends :) (she refer her readers as her friends ;) )

So here are her rules which I copied on her blog.

To the Clinique attendees:

1. If you have blogged about your experience, comment below with your link. Appreciate if you could provide me the date and time of publishing.

2. Tell me why you should be chosen as the wickeRmoss Miss Clinique. Do not give me humbled answers... I want fierce ones. Your self-confidence might be your weapon to win this awesome loot. 

3. Again, I will check if you are a GFC & Twitter follower / facebook page liker.

Kindly note that this will only comprise 50% of this search. 

So you are not one of the attendees? I have something in store for you as well. I will also pick another winner for the part ii , in which the details I will be posting on the upcoming days.

Part 1 will end on 30th June 2011.

And here are my compliance / entry :

Rule #1.
Link of my 3 Blogs for this event:
1. June 16, 2011 , post time : 6:04am
2. June 17, 2011 , post time : 1:24am
3. June 19, 2011 , post time : 6:11am

and you may wanna see my Clinique Themed Nail Polish I sported especially for the event! Blogged about it too.. :D

Rule #2.This is my BLOG ENTRY for the question.
Rule #3.
GFC Name : Apple
Twitter follower : AppleDappleCout
Fanpage fan : AppleDapple


So my answer to Rule #2 as to why should I be chosen wickeRmoss Search for Miss Clinique is very easy,,,, my answer : WHY NOT?!?
- I know that having been acquainted with all the lovely, gorgeous and sweet vloggers and bloggers at the party, I consider myself lucky already. But then again, who wouldn't want to be the Miss Clinique? Huh? Right? So I don't wanna brag about it, but wickeRmoss asked for it, so here it goes.

First reason :
The Clinique Party hosted by wickeRmoss got me into blogging which made my Clinique blog a 3 series blog :) And now I am a happy blogger because of it. ( Blaming all to wickeRmoss,LOL just kidding!) Anyways I am a very satisfied user of Clinique's Antri-gravity fiming eye-lift cream, which is sadly not available in the Philippines :( So, I was so dedicated and firmed I am going to test their other products by going to the event!

Second reason :
Just to go to the event I had to travel from Central Luzon to Manila, and mind you it was in Makati :) Getting the picture?

Third reason :
Travelling by so far, "the husband" and I had to wake up so early, we had to leave 6:00am to get on time for the event. ( Oh, by the way, "the husband" came from work grave yard shift so technically he didn't woke up, he had no sleep yet at the time ..So supportive, I know! I'm lucky! LOL)

Forth reason :
With that being said, can you believe I was the one who arrived the earliest! YUP YUP YUP guys, I am excited to the max!!!
As I recalled Charles told me, I was an "Early bird", and truly I was.
And to add it up, I had the first Clinique Blog amongst the anttendees ;)

Fifth Reason :
I enjoyed my experience the most, there was no regret at all to why I had come to the event. I learned a lot on the "skin consultation 101"... ENJOYING is always the KEY to success! So for me it was successful cause I enjoyed.. ;)

Thanks for reading! ;) Til next!


  1. Naks committed blogger to the max! Early bird nga.. hehehe.. anyway, God bless and may the "best" blogger win eh? hehehe..

  2. what can i say Miss A! yezz rhyme pa yan ha?! haha
    really dedicated! :))

  3. @Ate Kai : Yes ate,mejo conceited nga lang ang blog na ito, LOL! Good luck to all of us, I'm always excited,haha!

    @wikeRmoss : Super rhyme, I love!!! You know me, I can do blog in hours as I enjoy it the most. Thanks for your surprises!

  4. @Lori: IKR! haha! Thanks for reading ;)

  5. @shopgirl jen: it was funny,you said what I thought you would,LOL!pareho tayo mag-isip :D Beautiful minds think alike,LOL! :D Thanks ate jen,muah! ;)

  6. yay! Thanks Sugar!all the more I have reason to go back Manila anytime soon! weee! ;)


  8. @Michelle:Yes,Good luck to us all..Yay! Excited na ko,khit cnong manalo excited pa din ako, I love meeting you all... ;)

  9. charles really is one of the sweetest bloggers i've ever met. she's just so unbelievably nice :)

  10. fashioneggpplant: Yes she is really a very nice person. :) Thanks for reading... ;)