Friday, April 27, 2012

A Review : SelectLash Eyelash Serum

I have always been a fan of beautiful lashes.  I always wished even when I was young ( as young as I can remember ) to have a great, full and long lashes as I have this "Asian Eyelashes", straight, spurs and short..  I easily admire guys with full and long lashes, because it adds up to their look.

I have never tried "eyelash extensions" not fake lashes, don't even know how to apply them, cause I want natural ones.

So when I was at Subic Bay Free-port yesterday, looking for Crest 3D White Whiteningstrips ( which by the way, I have not got any luck of finding one ) so I stroll the Royal Mall to get another facial brush and mascara guard.  To my curiosity, I saw this "SelectLash Eyelash Serum" and picked it up and read it.

In the hangtag it says :

- Appearance of longer lashes in weeks.
- Thicken and increase natural lash hairs.
- Safe for sensitive eyes.
- Safer than extensions.

So upon reading the "commercialized words", it bought me, I thought " What the heck, it is only $1.60 each,why not try it!"

And so I purchased two pieces, just so I have an extra in case I liked and worked for me, and if it did not I will give it to others and see if it works for them. As you know different people have different results.

Today is my first day, it is written in the back to use it in the morning and evening, and I will do so.

Let's see how it will work.
Photo reference on my lashes today. :)

My "Asian Lashes" >_<

I will give it a review every week until I reached a month and do a verdict!

What's your lashes like? What's your secret to make them attractive?

Thanks for reading!
Have a great day!