Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clinique Party!!! What to expect??? What to wear??? How was the party???~Warning: this is a series~Part 1.

On Saturday, June 18, 2011, there will be an upcoming Clinique Party at Rustan's Makati. And I was fortunate enough to be invited by my new found friend Charles a.k.a wickeRmoss who will be hosting the said party. 

The first time I read her direct message on twitter, I got so thrilled I didn't want the opportunity slip. Besides I love Clinique and I actually love their "Anti-gravity firming eye cream". But slots are just for few chosen and need to decide right away if I'm coming or not. So the excitement turned into thumping as I still need to ask 'the husband' if we can go or not.. As 'the husband' is very supportive to my new found endeavor, he said 'YES'! and he was so excited he was kinda thinking if there were something for boys too,hahaha! Poor guy, I think I influenced him too much in vanity!

So I signed up at Charles a.k.a wickeRmoss's Clinique party and I got a slot ( thanks Charles ), and thought to myself, now what???
Yes, I read her blog, I know what will be coming, but do I really know what? It is my first time to go to such, if you might want to know, and I really don't know what to expect. ???clueless??? Yes I was, so here I am, sneaking to my friend google :) I googled Clinique Party, and there were links I read about, and then I got an idea how it works and what's happening at the party.

Here are my views :
1. I got very excited about the "skin 101 consultation with their Professional Clinique Consultants"... I think I know my skin type,but it's always a treat to know from an expert what truly lies within my skin, plus if I have not mentioned, it is absolutely for FREE! Yes it is,uhuh! So why hesitate come,right?
2. What does a girl always wanted?....a Make-over! OMG, I never did this before, like OMG I am going to have a make-over,over at Clinique's parteeee!!! How cool is that?!?
3. Girls talk has always been reserve for me,I look for that as I am the only girl amongst sibling so I guess that is why I am excited to go,I will meet bunch of pretty ladies,with the same interest as I have, and what more can I hope for?
4. Foodie! I am a food junkie,I love food and to try new food (new food sounded not right) haha,I meant I love exploring food. BIZU will be catering, and maybe a shock for some,I have not tried their food,so that will be interesting.. I may have a battle between where to stand,..buffet table? or ... vanity table?hmmm?
5. And who will not get excited of this part : FREE samples from CLINIQUE! as I did my research, they will give you a sample that is according to your skin type/needs. 

So how does that sounds to you guys???Exciting huh?If you haven't got enough of this,please wait for my next Blog Part2,cause there's more of my Story :) It is WHAT TO WEAR! OMG!!!! and next Part3 will be the ACTUAL EVENT and how it went! YAY! (excited!)


  1. congrats apple! wayy to go. I was impressed by your dedication as well. You're situated up north pa and you are willing to travel just to be part of my event. Hope we could somehow meet your expectations. After all , it's the FUN part of meeting new friends that excites me as well.
    Thanks for this post! A new blog addict is born i see:))

  2. @wickeRmoss thanks for the influence, I always loved correspondence, I just never thought it would be like this, cause this is such a bonus, blogging what you enjoy the most is as easy as 1,2,3 ... Yes I am kinda persuasive, I go for the go,if that makes sense..

    Any how sis, meeting you is already a FUN part, Clinique Party is a bonus! :) Excited to meet you guys!

    BTW,I will still need to do the part 2 of this series,haha! watch out for it.. :)

  3. Wow... I can't go=( Davao is so far away from Manila and I have no budget for the plane ticket=( I wish I didn't live so far away=(

  4. charles is really a great hostess and event organizer! :) i was supposed to go but have other things to attend to. :/ hope you ladies have fun! keep us updated. ;)

  5. Fema : I wish you live near here too, :( so we can all meet up...

    Sugar : I am really excited, it is sad you cant come,I hope to see you too.. I will post more blog for this event to keep you updated!

  6. enjoy! sorry i can't join, my allergies are killing me today and yep my house keeper has graced us with her presence today, phffft LOL

  7. :( that is sad Marge,I hope you are well now..Allergy sucks :(

    BTW I really enjoyed it, _wickeRmoss is really great host and I had a great time at the Clinique event,will blog it today.. :)

    I had a great time,plus meeting everybody, :)

    Thanks Charles ;)