Monday, August 1, 2011

PinkieCharm Show Your Prize Blog :)

Show your prize by PinkieCharm!
I won Stila Smudge Pot "Barbie" and Stila Mascara!

Last July 11, 2011, about 8:00 a.m. I received this postal card! I was kinda shocked, not because I was not expecting anything but I was shocked how fast it came. I twitpic about the card and was wondering who was it from as I was expecting 2 parcels from outside the country. :)

The postal registry of Notice card I received :)

And here is the package!

To my surprise it was fro Irene of Pinkiecharm in Youtube (click here for her channel), that I won from her Twit-away! She is one of the most great guru I know in Youtube and do great reviews on beauty products and a must watch for me.

So without any time wasting I immediately open the parcel and was sooo excited for my prizes!

And what I so loved about it is that she even have a post card with a note, isn't that the sweetest thing. :)

I twitpic it right away and tag Irene or Pinkiecharm as well in Twitter (click here to follow her on twitter) I was so thankful for her great gift! I just could not believe that others are not so appreciative of her, she is one of the most generous person I know in the planet and these kind of guys deserve not just thank yous, but gratitude! Simple or extravagant it maybe, it is always the thought that counts! 

And then a couple of weeks past, Irene announce in twitter that she want to blog about the prizes her followers, subscribers and readers won! As she said in her blog (click here for her blog "I genuinely enjoy giving away pretty things-there’s something about knowing it brightens someone’s day with beauty that warms my heart. "(Yes, that does sound cheesy but it’s true.)" but for my opinion it is just so nice of her to get the time to know more about her followers, subscribers and readers.

So I took the time to take photosss of me holding the prize I won! :) and as much as I enjoyed taking photos, I did this blog to pay tribute to Irene, and "My special way of saying Thank you for her generosity!" :)

And so here are the photos I took, which some are so silly :) I just had so much fun :D

Behold for my silly photos! :))

And so there's my blog post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading! 'Til next!

Thanks so much again Irene! ;) Love and kisses from Philippines!

Here is Irene :) <3 <3


  1. Yay!! Congrats!! I follow her on YT too and what I love about her channel are her honest product reviews. Enjoy your prizes! :)

  2. LOL you're funny apple! HAHHA you made me laugh!

  3. @Nicole : thank you! and thanks for following Irene,she is a very great person inside out!

    @diane : yay,I made you laugh,haha!we need it for this loomy week. Thank you ;)

    @Charles :haha,i love taking silly pics,LOL! miss you too! muah!

  4. congrats girl, can't wait for my prize, too!