Sunday, July 17, 2011

Subic Trip! Saturday Family Affair!

Me and my family got so bored at home last Saturday and wanted to go out for a trip. And so we planned, and thought where to go? It was already 6:00 PM and in the province you can't just go out and go to the mall when you get bored.

So we thought, might as well go to Subic as it is the nearest we can go we will eat out dinner there and go Starbucks. My kids love ordering there and would mean the world to them to give them a treat to that place.

So here is our travel!

Toll Gate Entrance to Subic!

We then go to Yellow Cab as we were so hungry, and the kids got too excited with pizza!

And here is the menu!  And so we ordered and wait...

Took some shots while waiting, :P

Fill out raffle tickets, I hope I win :D

And here is the Manhatan Meat lovers!

My favorite Pasta in Chicken Alfredo Sauce,it was soooo delish!

And the Fleet Starter!

We got so full but the evening does not end there. As we are in the Subic, might as well get some pictures and ..Starbucks!

Took this photo, it's very interesting as the resto had a very unusual entrance :)

Good bye Yellow Cab!

Hello Starbucks!

Phoenix's Ordered Caramel Frappe!

I ordered Hot Choco!

O'Bree chose Chocolate Frappe!

And he switch his drink with his dad, ended up getting Choco!

And they were happy going home ;D

One full kid, even opened his pants cause he can't breath anymore! LOL!

And that was our Saturday adventure, hope you guys enjoyed!
Til next!


  1. cute! my son does the same thing when he's so full and he has difficulty breathing. once he unzips his pants, he'll go "aaahh.." haha! kids! :D

  2. awww cute pictures sis! thank you for sharing your trip with us. :)

    IMY! ^-^

  3. awww ang cute naman ng mga munchkin mo. the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree!

  4. My goodness, your kids are adorableee!! By the way the food you guys ate looked soo delicious!:)

    Award Alert!<3

  5. he is so behaved whenever he's asleep.

    oh, i do open my pants too whenever i sleep, to liberate blood flow. i don't know if it has some scientific basis but it somehow help me regulate my digestive system.

  6. cafémobility: kids are like angel when they sleep and like a mischievous Denis the menace when they are awake,LOL!

    Yah I guess it helps in breathing too.. :)