Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review : Ellana Minerals Multipurpose Powder!

Have you tried using a mineral make-up? Long I have been curious about this product and searched the net to  know more about it.

Surprisingly, I never thought that there is such a great benefit from this mineral make-up thus the word "mineral" should be good for us.

Base on research, all mineral makeup product are free of talc, fragrance, silicones, chemicals, rice powders, mica, fillers, oils, wax and are dye-free. The reason why the mineral makeup is so popular today is that it improves the health of the skin and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients.
Mineral makeup is appropriate for all skin types, including dry and hyper sensitive skins. It is made from pure mineral elements – zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. that are sterilized and pulverized into a powder, as well as pure iron which absorbs heat. It’s made entirely from pure pigments. The ingredients containing in mineral makeup offer broad – spectrum sun protection, calm and soothe the skin and are anti-inflammatory.
Mineral makeup keeps your skin hydrated all day long and has UV protective filters – it protects your skin from the harmful influences. It’s appropriate for all skin types and ages. Mineral makeup 
doesn’t clog the pores, doesn’t dry the skin, mats shine areas and protects the delicate areas. 

And this made me interested to try mineral makeup and see for my self why it is so good for the skin.

As I research the net, I looked for an online store that would actually ship throughout Philippines and affordable. I stumble upon this site and ordered for myself. And in fact this company is Pinoy brand, which made me more excited to try out and support my co-Filipino!

After 2 days of ordering and paying online, to my surprise the parcel arrived! The products are neatly and safely packed and you will receive upon request their latest catalog.  The parcel also includes your receipt so you can double check your orders correctly! Nice huh?!

How it was safely packaged!

My actual orders! Though in this review I have not included the "Sheer Velvet HD Mineral Finishing Powder"
I will have a separate review of this.

(Sorry for the messy top, I have already used this then take photos for review.)

Name of the color.
They have a wide range of colors, and you may as well wanna visit their site to check it out for yourself :D

I also have their Eye Primer Shine-free Matte Finish used in this review.
I will not be reviewing this product here as well as I intend to do a separate review.

Swatches of the product.
Note that I have two (2) swatches for each color, the left side is without primer and the right is with primer!

Closer look!
Can you notice how well the primer helps the product? Without primer, you can barely see the color and do not stick into the skin well. Primer is really great when using mineral multi-purpose powder make-up as it helps enhance the color.

Names : left to right.
Adore, Belle and Lucky

Names : left to right.
Honeybunch, Bluebell and Raven

* Details from Catalog *
Pure high intensity mineral pigments that can be used as eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, lip colors, bronzers, and body shimmers. Our colors come in matte, shimmer, 
and frost finish. Note that some shades cannot be used for the lips

Color description :
1.  Adore : 
From catalog description :   Iridescent pink frost; white shifting to pink.
My own description and review :   White with two-tone shimmer from gold to rosy pink! This color is not pigmented but it is really nice as a high-light.

2.  Belle : 
From catalog description :   Baby pink frost.
My own description and review : True pink with a very subtle shimmer, best for blush.

3.  Lucky : 

From catalog description :   Pale blue shimmer.
My own description and review : Powder blue with white shimmers, great for inner lid color.

4.  Honeybunch : 

From catalog description :   Pale brownish; peach frost.
My own description and review : A powdery light brown, but really does not have shimmers.  For my opinion it is matte and good for brow high-lights or all-over lid color.

5. Bluebell : 

From catalog description :   Cobalt blue frost.
My own description and review :  Metallic true blue in color and has a lot of shimmers in it. Great for lid color and/or eyeliner to make a pop of nice color.

6.  Raven : 

From catalog description :   Blue black; eyeliner/eyeshadow.
My own description and review : Intensely dark blue almost black, but when applied it cast a midnight blue color that when worn will make others wonder what color you are wearing. Great for eyeliner or crease color.

Out of this 6 shades I got, I must say no regrets at all. They showcase different varieties of colors and finishes but my favorites I would say are Belle, Honeybunch and Raven.

Likes :
1.  Fragrance free.
2.  Parben-free.
3.  Helps your skin breath and heal.
4.  Has wide range of colors.
5.  Does not make my skin irritated.
6.  Suitable for all skin types.
7.  Available online as I find myself living in the province, this is the most convenient way to shop for me.
8.  Affordable for only Php130.00.

Dislikes :
1.  In powder form so it tend to fly everywhere else thus it is messy to use.
2.  For a dry skin type like me, it does not stay very long as this product when worn without a primer will just bounce off to my dry skin and will not stick.
3.  Does not sticks to my dry skin and would definitely need a primer.
4.  Can be very tricky to use and apply. When not blended well it tends to build up on just 1 part.

Overall, this Mineral multi-purpose powder of Ellana Mineral is really OK.
Would I repurchase this? Maybe not in this colors I already have, but would definitely try out other colors until I complete them :D (hopefully)
Ellana Minerals is a great way for us Pinoys to try out mineral makeup without hurting our budgets, they ship nationwide and it comes fast too! I would definitely try out other products they sell.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! 'Til next! 


  1. i love their products LOL specially the blushes and eye shadows ;-)

  2. Yay! Yah I am loving it too,hence the powder flying from everywhere! LOL!

  3. You can also use a fix fluid or something that they use for that so that the colors will be more vibrant and will stick more to the lids. :)

  4. great review apple! you've been hauling again haha! :)

  5. @Myrted : Thanks for the advice! I am really eyeing for a fix + :D

    @ Charles : Thanks loves! ;) Trying to keep up with lost time..

    @ Sugar : Thank you my sis! i tried my best,LOL! Shopping is one that I can not control! Believe me, I tried,and FAILED,big time,haha!

  6. weee love the pink shadows.. great review pretty sis!!
    love ellanas's blushes!!

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    hope all is well with you.

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  8. so many amazing shades. I think honeybunch is my ultra favorite. amazing write up. wonderful post, love. thanks for sharing. I'd love if you check out my latest outfit post. It's all about simplistic drama and one of my ultra favorite fall trends. xoxo

  9. I love Ellana products too!! My fav would be their concealer powder as it really conceal all those nasty blemishes perfectly..Thanks for the swatches..they are indeed very pretty shades..^_^~