Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review : Avon "Big Eye Pencil" in Rose, Blue and Emerald!

I've gotten this hype about Avon products last month and I cannot stop using them.  I must say the company is getting more and more competitive in the market, quality and price, I'd say they are getting there.

This next Avon review I must say is another hit for me. :)

Yes, I know, they look-like NYX Jumbo Pencils!
From left to right : Rose, Blue and Emerald.

I cannot compare the color of the NYX Jumbos on my Avon Big Eye Pencils as I do not have a lot of NYXs, but I can say the consistency is different. I have a NYX Jumbo in white and I can say it is very creamy, the Avon Big Eye on the other hand is like a kohl pencil liner but bigger.  But what's great about this product is that you can use it both an eyeliner (as it is not too creamy in consistency that you can line your water line without smudging too much or clinging on your lashes) and an eye shadow base as well. Note that I meant eye shadow base and not a creaseless primer. Mind you, without a good primer, this will crease!

(Thin application on the left ideal for eyeliner and thicker swipe on the right great for shadow and/or base)
 Swatches from left to right : Rose, Blue and Emerald.

Left to right in accordance on how they are rated on pigmentation.
Rose is the least pigmented, next is Blue and the most pigmented out of the three is Emerald.

and closer look.
I know that there are only three colors of this Big Eye Pencils and I must say all these colors works for my skin-tone well.  One TIP on applying these colors is to top of with a powder shadow not just to enhance the color but also get a lasting effect.  I have also noticed that putting a powder shadow on top lessens the chances of creasing. ;) Neat trick huh?!

Likes :
1.  I like the consistency of the product as it is not too creamy to apply and can be use as an eyeliner.
2.  When applied generously, it is tacky/sticky on the skin so it is great to top with powder shadow.
3.  The finish is more like metallic than shimmery.
4.  Great base for the lids.
5.  Widely available.
6.  Affordable at Php139.00 each

Dislikes :
1.  Creases when applied alone.
2.  Color range only three, I wish they had other colors like purple, yellow and black or grey or maybe a darker and brighter colors. :D
3.  It is usually hard to sharpen this kind of pencils :P

Overall, another hit for me by AVON! If there would be a new release color of this, I would definitely hoard!

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 'Til next!


  1. Hi Marge!haha! IKR! But the consistency is really different,Hopefully this will not melt,haha! NYX Jumbo in white ko nalusay nun nagtravel ko,needed to put in ref tapos tinasahan ko,LOL!

  2. I also have these but unfortunately they don't work that much for me as e/s alone but they work great as a base for my other e/s :) great review! :)

  3. @Alice : Thank you for reading! I know,its really not a great e/s,glad it worked for you as a base! ;) Love lots!

  4. parang nyx jumbo pencils and itsura pero as you've said it's not as creamy. i do wish they have more colors yung basic na magagamit. :)

  5. Thanks for reading Gellie! Yup,sana madagdagan ang color range! :D