Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clinique Party!!! What to expect??? What to wear??? How was the party???~Warning: this is a series~Part 3.

The day finally came and I tell you guys it was fun!!! 

We left my place up north, (central Luzon), to Rustan's Makati!
We were deciding to bring a car or commute...Commute won as we figured out parking space and driving far back and forth will be hassle as we have not decided to stay in Manila for the night or go home after the event. Besides, commuting ones in a while gives it a thrill, (lalo sa MRT super siksikan).

BTW, we left the province 6:00am and arrived 9:00am :)

Here's a photo in the bus leaving my province,LOL :

Got myself a juice for the morning at the bus. :))

The Famous Mt.Samat,sorry the cross was not visible enough.  

Terminal stop in Pampanga. ;)  

"The husband" and yours truly. 

Toll gate moving North (other side of the road). 

Us again..... 

I was the FIRST to arrive at the party and when I got there Charles of wicKermoss is already there with Mira the Clinique host :)

Here are some pics :

So fabulous Mira and lovely Charles ... sooo pretty ladies ;)

Me and Charles :)

So lets go over my check list on what to expect on the Part 1 of this blog.

1. skin 101 consultation with their Professional Clinique Consultants : CHECK!

As to my surprise, all along I thought that I absolutely have an OILY combination skin, but I was actually a DRY combination skin, and thank you to Ms.Dindin Boncales, my Clinique consultant. She was very nice (all the consultants were) and very informative about skin problems and regiments..But was pretty amazed that 6 products was enough for my skin (matipid,LOL).

Here's me at my skin consultation, photo taken by Mira,thanks so much ;) 


For some reason I was not able to get any photo from my camera of myself with the close up finished look of the make over,grrrrr... I hope my fellow blogger do have, i will just ask a copy ;)

3. Girl talk,loads of girl talk,yehey! : CHECK!

The ever beautiful friends of mine from YouTube!I finally meet them!

My new found friend Bloggers!
Jen and Ann

Jen, Lorena, Charles and Ann

Beautiful mom of Trina, Charles, Me, Mitch, Littlemiss4490 and Trina

Littlemiss4490, Mira and me.

4. Foodie : CHECK!
Love the blueberry thingy :)

5. FREE samples from CLINIQUE! CHECK!

I got, Youth Surge #2, Repairwear, Superbalm moisturizing Gloss and Lash power Mascara

Here are more photos from the event!
 Photo taken by Mira,was not visible but it had light green, gold and silver glitter on it and as Mira said,so Clinique! I love it!
Beautiful Littlemiss4490 with her loot bag!

Gorgeous Trina on her skin consultation!

 My Clinique record :)
Pretty Mitch on her make-over! 

Was so drooling on the Clinique products :))

Trina's skin consultation.

 Trina's cool mom make-over!
Lovely sweet Ann on her make-over!
Striking Jen and Fabulous Teacher Kai!

 Jen on her skin consultation with amazing Dindin!
Charles and her Papa E. (guess what Papa E will do on his gestures???hmmm,after that moment Charles blush and she was so beautiful than ever!) I love how she blushed :)

Striking Jen on her makeover!

Me and my very amazing lovely consultant Dindin!

Me and the ever beautiful host of the night, Charles!

It was a blast like no other, I always love meeting new people, but this one is extra special as all of the girls are very approachable, sweet and true people. I hope we had much time to talk more and know each other more, but I am still hoping for another meet up.. :)

So we headed home.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I did this blog!
So what are you waiting for girls,go to your nearest Clinique booth/boutique and get your skin problem resolved! Who know you might also get a makeover! :)

Thanks for reading, 'til next!


  1. LOVE THE POST!!!!!

    Iba iba pala laman ng loot bag natin! :-/ :))

  2. @mitch: oh yah,coz it was suppose to be a sample exact for you skin type.. and skin concern ;)

    What did you got? Please blog post ;)

  3. awwww man, clearly my consultant hates my guts LOL, she didn't listen to me when i said i have oily combination skin, yet she gave me stuff for dry skin, and only gave me a mascara. oh well, sour graping. i'm into asian make up naman eh hahaha.
    glad to see you had a great time, you look so pretty!

  4. I love all the pictures! You girls are gorgeous! I can't wait to have my own pictures with you girls :)

  5. @Marge: Oh no,but I saw ur blog,ur chart says combination so she shouldnt gave you something for dry skin.. :(

    Thanks Marge, I actually have loads of blemishes that day,but oh well,haha..

    I did not changed my outfit on the event,I brought it though, :))

  6. @Janah: We will, cant wait to see you! ;) Thanks!

  7. Looks like you all had a great time and all you ladies look gorgeous!

    Btw, if you don't mind me asking where in Central Luzon are you from? ^-^

  8. @sugar: No worries,Im from Bataan ;) Where you from Sugar...

    Thanks for reading...

  9. hay, i've no idea girl. it's ok, i came away with loads more naman, got to meet great bloggers, found out a little sched fr clinique [mineral line comes out next july, and their bb cream arrives on aug] and i was able to purchase the last few of the limited edition shu uemura bb cream. hahaha pero yun nga walang listening skills ang aking consultant, pweh hahaha...woah ang layo mo pala ning, bataan pa.
    see @Sugar! napaparami na bilang ko ng beauty bloggers with great supportive guys ;-)

  10. Oh yah,they will be having a mineral line and BB cream,I would like to try the mineral.. ;)

    Yes,I am far from Manila,as I told u before,probinsya ako kya madalang makaluwas,LOL! PROMDI! :)))

    But I love going to events like this,wala kasi nyan sa probinsya,haha..kidding aside, I love this kind of stuff,meeting new people and learning new beauty things/products,lalo pag new release sa market and got invites or notification that u got to try it out,makes me feel special..Girls love that,we love it,right?

  11. hi! nice entry! and love the loot! :)

    -new follower here dear!

  12. love the post apple! striking jen talaga? haha! :D pero ang daya nyo kasi all our photos made up na kayo, while kai & i..sheessshhh! haha :D wala tayong group photo na made up lahat. paging Charles.. pa-reunion ka naman, hehe :))))

  13. Yah I love reunion,all bloggers and vloggers,GO!

    Next time request ko kay "the husband" 2 days 1 night kami jan manila,hehehe,,

  14. wow,that is sooo far from here,hehe..mga 8-10 hours travel?

  15. haha. love your post and the pictures and the captions! lol :)) buti na lang you got that pic when papa E attempted to kiss Charles. haha. sa kabagalan ko, di ko na-capture yun e. sayang. haha XD

    madami kang pics sakin! will post the link sa blog ko pag na-upload ko na sa flickr. from there, you can download it na high-res :)

  16. Yay,thanks Lori dear! will wait for your post..send me link ha,weee. Thanks thanks!

  17. the event sounds fun and the makeover looks really great! :)

    much love,