Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Review : Clinique "Youth Surge Night"

Finally! I have enough use of the Youth Surge Night to do a review of it.

It has been approximately 3 weeks since I have been using this product from the day I got it as a free sample from the Clinique Event I went to. ( to read about the event, click here. )

The Youth Surge Night I got was intended for my skin type which is in (Clinique way of leveling it) Skin Type #2 and it's for Dry Combination Skin which I did not know about until the said event, so I am very thankful for Clinique for such an great skin consultation 101 that helped me know what my skin type is. :)

Price wise for this product in Peso, I do not know. But price on their website is $49.00.

So without further intro here is the product :

And I am Skin Type #2 (Dry Combination)

Basically, as what Clinique consultant told me (Ms.Dindin), that a dry combi skin like mine is typically oily on the t-zone (fore head, nose and quarter way through cheeks from nose, and chin) and then dry on other parts of the face like cheeks under-eyes, and temples including jaw line i suppose as I get dry on that part as well.

How I applied it:
1. At night I clean my face, tone and apply this product concentrating on dry parts. (Meaning, applying a little on t-zone area and more on the dry area.)

The first time I use this product I was amazed how my skin got so moist throughout the night up to the morning I wake up. It was so soft and guess what, my face was not oily (as we usually do when we wake up).. For the first time, I got so amazed with a night cream that moisten your skin but not making it oily in the morning! o.0 stunned, shocked and glad I got the chance to try it out! Whhhooaa!

Here are some photos of the product and descriptions :

This is only a sample size.
Net wt. : 0.24 oz. or 0.77 ml
Made in U.K.

Can you see the dent I made in the product? A little goes a long way I may say after using it for 3 weeks, I still have a lot! I think this will take me months before I use it all up. :)

At the product leaflet it says that : 
Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free
U.S. and International Patent-Pending Technology.

Look Better, Longer
Youth Surge Night
Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer.

This note made me even more fascinated.
"When will I see result?"
In terms of hydration,immediately. Fine dry lines will appear softened and far less noticeable. Skin will look and feel softer more refreshed. The hard work of lifting lines and wrinkles takes time. In about 4 weeks you will begin to see measurable, visible improvement.

There are loads of good to great claims the have in the leaflet but as I only use it for quite a while I cannot testify to others.

Building on Sirtuin technology, Clinique science uses youth-extending agents to create a nightly moisturizer that helps intensify the nightly cycle of natural repair. Plumped with natural collagen, lines and wrinkles appear to evaporate. Skin gains that energized "8-hour effect" come morning.
  • Skin Types: All

Here is the products consistency and when applied :

Creamy in consistency. A little goes a long way.

Can you tell the difference? Left side of back of my hand has the Youth Surge Night and the other half did not have any. If you think its kind'a oily, I tell you it is not. It is so moist and instantly makes you skin soft and smooth.

My opinion!

Likes :
1. Amazingly effective on hydrating/moisturizing my skin at night.
2. Does not make my face oily in the morning.
3. Makes my skin soft and smooth.
4. It actually makes my fine lines un-noticeable because it moisten the skin.
5. Easy to blend in the skin.
6. No harsh or strong smell, does have a very refreshing light scent.
7. On applying the product it makes your skin feel fresh.

Dislikes :
1. Container is not hygienic, need to dip your fingers to get the product.
2. Consistency is a cream, I personally prefer gel or water-base, if that makes sense.
3. Pricey! :P

Would I purchase this product? YES, despite the price, the product is so worth it!
Would I recommend it? Definitely for those who can afford and near to a Clinique booth or counter.

All in all I LOVE this product!

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this review informative!
'Til next!


  1. I've read so many good things about this product! It's a good investment, it seems :)

  2. Apple! I have spatulas LOL! shall i give you one next time? :P

    Great review! :) I like the Youth thingie in the name of the product. x)

  3. @ Aya : It is a great investment if it suits your skin well.. In my case, effect in my skin is a real guarantee and I would definitely purchase as soon I pan hit this sample :)

    @Sugar : I can never get use to spatula, LOL! I'm so tamad,haha! Before I remember to get my spatula,I already dipped my fingers,haha,clean one of course, :D Thanks sis,miss you! ;)

  4. Its a lil bit pricey for mee! Sayaang.:( But thanks for the review Apple, glad you like it!:)