Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review : Avon "True Color" Eyeshadow Quad in Earth Tones

We all love neutral colors for everyday look, going to school and office or even just a simple make-up look to go.  It is very wearable and easy to manage.

Long have I searched for a good compact palette that I could bring on the go and use everyday for a work-look.  Lots of palette in the market that got neutral eye-shadow colors but not the ones I prefer as my "to-go" palette.  Until my Avon agent friend recommended me this quad that had great color combination and what's so great about it is that this quad have colors that you can use for morning at work and down to evening for a night out.  Isn't that just great!?

Very sleek compact palette.

Back shows color and illustration on where you ideally put the colors. (Very handy instructions.)
To use : Apply 2 and/or 3 on lid. Use shade 1 to highlight and shade 4 to define. (Instructions at the back of the box.)

(From top left to right and down left to right)
1.  Canvas (Beige, matte finish, good for highlight)
2.  Safari Green ( Moss green with gold undertone, satin finish, great for crease color to create smokey effect.)
3.  Citrine ( Yellow gold, shimmery finish, inner corner of the eye and lid color,or if you prefer a highlight color too will do.)
4.  Truffle ( Purpley brown under tone with gold specs, slightly shimmer, great for defining the eye as crease color or as eye liner as well.

Has a sponge applicator that I do not use but saves for when I need it.  You may not know, but sponge tip applicator are great to get a precise application and more packed shadows when applied.

Swatches from left to right : Truffle, Safari Green, Citrine and Canvas.

and a closer look.

The product is quite pigmented specially Truffle and Canvas which are the two colors that I use the most.  Consistency wise is very nice,not too powdery but not too creamy as well.  It just has this great texture that will not create fall-outs when applying to the lids of the eyes, so less chances of screwing your eyeshadow look. :)

Likes :
1.  Quad in color combination suits my taste on "to-go" palette as it has the Earth tone or neutral colors.
2.  Consistency is great!
3.  It is not very shimmery and the has the perfect combination of matte and satin and not-so shimmery finish.
4.  Compact has a very sleek shiny design that is sophisticated looking.
5.  Sponge tip applicator works OK, (but I prefer using brush to blend well).

Dislikes :
1.  Price wise, a bit pricey for its quality and pigmentation. Would had it not been a great combination I would not have bought this quad and if it was not on sale :) Php 100 off! :D

Overall, I love the palette. Would I buy another of this? Yes! :D I love Avon products.

Thanks for reading! 'Til next!


  1. this palette is very pretty! Thanks for the review

  2. Those are a nice quad from Avon! I remember I got one before and it's the one with brown shades/neautral ones. :)

  3. hehehe itsurang channel quad ah, but yeah i recall ok naman ang makeup ng avon. it's the mary kay ones that's over priced ng bonga

  4. Thanks for reading Marge..yep its an OK product, but I cant remember kasi the exact price e,pero parang 399php,so its actually almost a 100php each shadow, :{ but its fine naman,I just dont think it will last me long,haha!

    love love! ;)

  5. hoe much is its original price? it looks decent and good :)

  6. Hi Gillie,thanks for reading..Just checked the price its php399.00 but I bought mine on sale price less php100 :D

    Love lots!

  7. Love the colors!! For Php100, this is a steal! Thanks for the review :)

  8. @Nicole : Thanks for reading,its not 100peso each quad,its 100peso off,promo sale.. :D

    have a great night!

  9. Wow You bought this on a sale for a much cheaper price. Nice! I love the colors of this palette. Hope you make a FOTD using this one!

  10. haaaayyy avon really will always have a space in my heart. EB? sadly but nope:(

  11. @Morbidfrank : Hopefully I'd be as talented as my blogger friends to be able to blog a FOTD :) Thanks for the request,I will practice more and hopefully do it one day.. :)

    @Charles : LOL! I gave up on my EB eyeshadow in Sunset cafe,I cannot stand the fall outs!LOL! But I think I am loving their cheek blush! :))

  12. wow this palette is pretty ha! i seriously like the swatches!