Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I had a Happy Saturday at Happy Lemon! And Prize giving!

I'm pretty sure you all have heard about Happy Lemon. :)
I will not try to be a genius here with all abouts of Happy Lemon's history and back ground, I will just blog about my first experience there and the friends I am with.

Charles of wickeRmoss, Sugar of whimsical whatnots and whatever and Lori of pensamiento We were at an event that afternoon and I was actually invited by Ann of The Beauty-Addict to the said event.

So after the event and since it was held just in front of the Promenade, we all decided to go to HAPPY LEMON!

Can you see Happy Lemon's logo peaking? :D

Counter and the busy bee staffs!

They have all these drinks that I cannot even remember! LOL! It was too new for me to remember :) But because of this, I will certainly come back to this place, not to just memorize the drinks they offer but because it was really a great treat!

I went with this pretty peeps!
 Lori, Ann, Charles and Sugar!

Ann, Charles, Sugar and Myself :D

And so we fell in a very long line and the counter gave us this device, I don't know what to call it specifically but it scares the hell out of me when it buzz and light.. (too much coffee I think,LOL)

The round thingy that buzz and light up when its your time to get your order! Cool!

See the long line, O.0 .. Please don't mind my ugly nail polish I don't want to make an excuse for that.(period)

Sugar treated me a drink (or I think she treated us all) as I was not so familiar of ordering the best they have. We all ordered the same thing, can you guess what we ordered? I guess it is their best seller... I think so... It is the Cocoa with Rock salt and Cheese! 

 Thanks Sugar this was superb!

And a closer look! :P
Here you are, my Cocoa with Rock salt and Cheese!

It is just sad that the plastic cup did not had any logo to recognize the product,pft! I guess they got out of stock of their cups due to loads of customers, can't blame them, I just hoped I had the opportunity to take photo of it with the logo, I'm so shallow I know..

And so there we were, enjoyed every bit of it.. ;D
Sugar, Charles, Lori and Myself (L to R)

Oh in case you did not know, Sugar won Miss Clinique too! For the best comment!
And here we did the prize giving. It was so fun!

If you want to know what I got from wickeRmoss Search for Miss Clinique, click here!

It was so nice seeing you again Charles and Lori, and finally meeting you Sugar! Who said you can't meet good people in the net? There are loads of 'em. You just have to be careful in knowing them ;) In my case, I am blessed to know these gals! ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading! 'Til next!


  1. aww. sweet post. as sweet as Happy Lemon. haha. Actually, Sugar treated us all. yamings si ate. IKAW NA TEH! haha.

    "Who said you can't meet good people in the net? There are loads of 'em. You just have to be careful in knowing them ;) In my case, I am blessed to know these gals! ;)"
    - super sweet Apple. I am also LUCKY to have met you guys. No pretentions just kabadingan and everything. haha. It's really hard to have met TRUE & NICE people like you, gals.

    TENKYOW! ^___^

  2. Wait before I go drama mode I would just like to say, I demand that they return the cups with logo at Happy Lemon because I like staring at their logo while I'm sipping their drink. :p (ako na demanding na tao.) ROTFL!!!! =))

    I only got to treat those who ordered with me FYI. :p I wasn't able to treat everyone haha!

    It was also nice to meet you! :) Charles won my contest and I won hers. Somehow I think people will start accusing us of being in cahoots nyahahaha! x) Exchange gift! LOL!

    Anyway,I hope we can all soon go out again. :3 I also hope to get to talk to the other lovely ladies we met at the event.

    You are so sweet sis. Thank you for the gift! =D Don't worry will make bawi when I can. <3

  3. @Lori : It is so true, I feel blessed kasi true people kayo ;) naiyak na ko,,,Joke!LOL!

    @Sugar : Exchange gift ang nanyari?@! hahaha! No worries sis, I did not actually know I was coming, but my gifts for you guys were ready 3 days before the event, LOL! ;) I am so glad you liked it.. ;)

  4. ay may iyakan moment tayo? wahaha. wit iyak iyak. happiness na lang! haha.

    @sugar: lol. di ka demanding teh. report na natin yan! lol. it's better with the logo nga. cuuuute ng logo e. hihi.

  5. looks fun! too bad d kami nakapunta :( next meet up pleaseeeee!! :)

  6. Looks like you had a really nice time there! New follower here :) Hope you can drop by my blog too :)

  7. thanks for dropping by my blog naman ng name mo.sarap.hahaha.nag bonding pa pala kayo after the iwhite event.lagi kayong lumalabas?

  8. @Charles : :D bawal umiyak,hehe..

    @Ate jen : Sana nga nakapunta ka te,di bale next time..

    @Aya : will surely visit your blog and follow back,love love..thanks for reading ;)

    @Anton : You're most welcome. I am editing my iWhite event blog today that is why I searched all the bloggers site that I met at the event so I can link your blog site to you names :) I only get the chance of going out with this girls pag lumuluwas ako,in this case 2nd time palang,LOL!

  9. true enough, their brand credo to be the world's yummiest drink has been testified and confirmed by majority. i so love their cocoa with rocksalt en cheese. the thing about this branch is that it tends to gravitate the crowd easily. i am happy they have other branch like the one in eastwood. and i've heard they will be opening up a new branch soon in rockwell.