Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iWhite : Bloggers' Event!

Another event I have went to is the iWhite Bloggers Event last July 09, Saturday and it was at this really great place called Papa John's Pizza!

The place's really nice and the event was very informative. iWhite has variety of products from Facial Wash, Nose Pack, Whitening Pack or Peel-off Mask, Moisturizing Cream to Facial Cream or Day Cream. Most of which claims to have whitening formula.

So I will be doing a separate blog for the review of their products.

In the meantime, I wanna show you first what happened at the event!

I was messaged by Ann of The Beauty_Addict to join and register for this event and I was skeptic of going at first because, as most of my friends/readers knows I live far Central Luzon and be needing to travel 3-4 hours to get Manila area. But I told myself why not go to the event and get more experience from it and get to try out iWhite products as I never really had the chance to test it out.

I usually see this products at a Mercury Drug Stores and Watsons but never have the opportunity to grab one and try out, so I gave the event a shot and it was all worth it!

When we got there, (Me, Ann, Mitch of Mitch Wears Clothes with Paulo (BF) and Tiff of Tiffiefum Invasian we were one of the first to arrive (I know, early bird we were). But Say of was already there and I got to finally meet her :)

So here are the photos at the event!

There was a sample of used Peel-off mask and Nose pack that let's you see how effective was the product.

JP from iWhite with the Peel-off mask and Nose pack.

Charles of wickeRmoss posing for .... me :P

There were 3 fun activities that iWhite prepared for us bloggers 2 of which are guessing game (of course you need to guess which product was iWhite so you'd get the chance of winning an iWhite product in sachet.

Activity #1: Guessing game! Moisturizer!
This products were test out by us bloggers and we were asked with our own opinions and at the end let us guess which one was the iWhite.




It is really hard to tell in photos but moisturizers are a tough product to choose if you do not try it for yourself really. And what made it easy for me was that one (1) of the choices was the brand of my current moisturizer, and I was plucky enough to distinguish it.

And then with our shared thoughts we guessed it correctly!

So B it was! Great job girls!

Moving forward with the activity.
Activity #2 : Card flipping game!
Basically if you flip 2 Moisturizing Facial Wash cards you get a prize!

Activity #3 : Guessing game! Facial Cream (Day Cream)

One of the product tested on my arms, this was A. and honestly the logo appearance of this brand and iWhite looks the please do not be fooled. :( 
And because this happened to my arms with the day creams the rest of the girls did not want to test it anymore, LOL!

And so we tried to guess and we guessed B.
And here are the products revealed! 
The other one is still in opening mode but I guess bloggers who tried it  who say the same thing as it was the most tight competitor of iWhite!

After the fun activity we had, we then proceeded with the product endorsement.

Brief Intro.

Introducing the Bio-Nanotechnolgy!

Aqua Moisturizing Cream

Facial Cream

Facial Wash

Whitening Peel-off Mask

Nose Pack

And what iWhite is most proud of is the ingredients that they use in their products that no-one has introduced in the Philippines yet.

And before they end the presentation iWhite was glad to announce their contest and this is open to all bloggers!

And here are the mechanics!

Important rule to remember that "Only comments on FaceBook will be counted."
And you will have the chance of winning an iPad!!! So go ahead bloggers buy an iWhite product now, review then blog and get the chance of winning!

Here are more photos!

The foods at Papa John's was super amazing!
Papa John's :)

And so we ate!

Gorgeous bloggers at the event!

Fabulous-ever Charles and Me!

Me, Charles, Lori and Sugar!
My new friends!

Me and adorably sweet Ann my lil' sister!

Super lovable Lori and Me

And what can I just say to these super gorgeous ladies?!?

Me and stunningly beautiful Say (I finally got the chance to meet you.)

Charles, uberly sweet and pretty Tiff and Me

Charles, Tiff, Me, Lori, Mitch, Ann and super approachable cool Anton of pusang kalye

Charles, Tiff, Me, Lori, super fashionable Sarah, Bec, Mitch, Ann, Anton, Say and Charming Charm!
Hope I had so much time to meet this lovely bloggers and the only guy among us of course, hope to see you all again!

Bloggers with iWhite President!

And for the panoramic view of the place!

I would like to thank iWhite for conducting this event for us bloggers, you were all so entertaining and very accommodating. I love the experience and I had so much fun plus thank you so much for the loot bag! I will definitely try out the products and make a review! 

Hope you enjoyed reading and photo viewing.
Don't miss to join the iWhite contest and get the chance of winning!

'Til next!


  1. It was nice to meet you too Apple! I hope to see you guys soon.<3

    By the way, I have a giveaway on my blog. Maybe you want to check it out?:)

    Thank you <3

  2. @Catmare : Yes it was fun :) I hope you had come so we got the chance of meeting you too ;) Thanks for the follow, I definitely followed back..

  3. Hi Apple! I love how fresh you looked!! I just travel for 30 minutes and my face would look horribly oily! Meh. Lookin forward to your iWhite product reviews :)

  4. @Nicole : Hi there! Thank you, I think I am used to it already, plus my dry skin helps my make-up stay put,LOL! ;)

    I will have a review hopefully in the next 2 weeks or sooner I hope, thanks for reading! Love love!

  5. Great post about the event dear. :) Would have blogged about it too if I didn't forget my camera. :P

    Nonetheless, it was a fun event and I learned a lot. :D

  6. awww papa john's pizza is one of the best pizza's i've tried. woah, it's the Sugah-beh ♥☺
    nice event, sweets, i'm glad you went ☺♥

  7. @Sugarpao : Thanks sis! Im so happy to meet you there! I hope we can see each other again soon..

    @Marge : Yes the pizza was superb.. :) I wish you were there so we can meet up, :)

  8. amazing post! love the pictures! pa-grab ha? hihi ;))

  9. haha. kulet nung pic nating dalawa. tamang nganga lang ako teh? haha. baka mapasukan ng kung ano. lol :))

  10. @Lori : sure sis, grab mo lang ng i-grab,hahaha! ;) ganda nga pic natin e, ;)