Monday, July 11, 2011

Who won the "wickeRmoss Miss Clinique!" ?!?

My past blogs, it has been all about the Clinique event, as I was super excited to come and experience it. (To read more of my experience click here.)

This was one of the reason I started blogging or should I say made a push on me to blog right about then and there.

I was so happy when I saw Charles a.k.a. wickeRmoss blog post last July 07, 2011. I was excited to read it but was not expecting anything, it is hard to expect and ending up with a broken heart.

Finally the day had come!
Charles finally announce the winner! and datdadada!!!! I WON!!!  It was not a beauty pageant of some sort but winning it, felt like it! (big smile) Click here for the blog post.
Super candid.. Obviously, by the looks of me, I enjoyed a lot!

I got overly excited and told "the husband" that as we were going to an event on July 09, that Saturday we might as well pick up my prize and so we did. As Charles was also attending the event.

Here is the photo of me and Charles :)

I'm happy as Happy Lemon! :P

I know you guys are super excited to see what I got! So for heads-up this is a Clinique Limited edition product (plus more) and a special gift from Charles herself.

Wanna a closer look?
Here you go!
This are from Clinique!

And look at this purdeeee!(pretty)
Butter Shine Lipstick Palette!

I love the color! SUPER!

 Names of the lippies w/c are from right to left.
 (imagine : this is the bottom of the palette)

And then not just that! Here's what I got from Charles!
Super nice Denim-covered Bangles! Winner!

 And a Charm Stippling Brush! 
(which is a MAC 187 dupe, according to reviews)
Save me a lot of money! I love it!

This prizes paved away my tired body from long trip, plus the effort I put on in joining the contest. As I used to say spell dedication _APPLE_ ... It sure was all worth it!

Thanks to Charles and to Mira of Clinique who hosted the event, I super duper enjoyed it! Love the prizes! (hugs and kisses)

So if I were you watch out for Charles contest/giveaway! Exert some effort because it is wort it!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! 'Til next!


  1. the prices were great! Congrats sissy! Charles is uber sweet throwing all those goodies in!

  2. @Peach : They surely are, I feel like I dont wanna use them, and just save it for collection,LOL! ;) But I cannot stand not trying it out though,haha!

  3. awwww wow! congrats! you deserve it! ^_^

  4. once again, congrats.dedication really pays-off:))

  5. haha. congrats Ms. Dedication! woot! love ALL of the items inside. lol. *drool*

  6. @wickeRmoss : Thanks a lot!

    @Lori : Thanks sis, dedication it is.. :)

  7. wow congrats pretty! :D you deserved it! ;)